Top Men Make Music Video, Conditionally

// May 10 2015

Top Men are on the short list for a $10000 music-video grant but need your help.

Top Men are on the short list for a $10000 grant from Storyhive, but it’s a downright competition and is largely based on YOU voting. Voting is easy, all you need is an email address or a facebook account, but hurry: polls close on May 20th.

Check out the super sweet pitch video here and vote for Top Men if you like the idea.


    Top Men music-video pitch (in one minute).

Read a 100% Unbiased Quote

“...the band not only offer wild live shows, they serve up a set of buoyant, throbbing tunes that are optimistic dance anthems with an uncompromising musical integrity.”

Julie Chadwick, Nanaimo Daily News