Top Men have failed you: there are no shows here, on this page.

In all likelihood the band’s 1977 Winnebago Brave has broken down (again) and they have been abducted (again).

Would you be kind enough to check back later?

What To Expect at a TOP MEN Show

  • confetti
  • confetti
  • confetti
  • confetti cannon(s)
  • you, shot with confetti cannon(s)
  • robots
  • astronauts
  • wizards
  • wizard astronauts
  • wizard robot astronauts shooting the confetti cannon(s)

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Read a 100% Unbiased Quote

“...the band not only offer wild live shows, they serve up a set of buoyant, throbbing tunes that are optimistic dance anthems with an uncompromising musical integrity.”

Julie Chadwick, Nanaimo Daily News