Top Men feat. Indonesia

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The Details

Show Dates

Jan. 02nd (Friday) 2015 @ 6:30am


St Paul’s at 100 Chapel St, Nanaimo

The Aftermath

We of the Top Men feel uniquely privileged to have taken part in this event, everyone from the Canada World Youth organization were such lovely and positive people. It was truly a treat to be the backing band for their short play that portrayed the difficulties associated with adapting to a new culture, and even more so to have the whole group of them dancing various body parts off on stage with us after the main festivities of the evening. This event marked the send off of the group as they made their way (back, for some) to Indonesia for the purpose of planting 4000 mangrove trees. We wish them all the best as they tackle such an incredible task.

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“...perhaps the most exciting audio-visual feast that can delight and titillate your senses.”

Patrick Courtin, Official Stagehand, Actor, Glowstick Distributor, and Friend